Enjoy better results, smarter reporting & richer insights.

Boring and complex reports are now a thing of the past. With our latest tools we can set up clear and concise management reports, dashboards  and invaluable intelligence for your business so you can access them in real-time. 


With several metrics and analysis tools readily available, you'll have more insight than every before and you'll be able to see exactly how well your business is performing and highlight the areas of improvements through your smart report. If you want to measure profitability, cash flow, growth or a number of other KPI's (key performance indicators) we can tailor this to your needs. 

Transform your accounting data into accounting intelligence

Fathom works seamlessly with Xero - isn't that handy?!

That's not all...

Benchmark better

Compare, rank and benchmark clients in a report so you can quickly identify your over and under performers and take action.

Consolidation? Easy.

If you own a group of companies want a consolidated view, you can easily see the full picture on a bespoke dashboard. 

Stay in charge

Set up alerts on your dashboard so you know if you're likely to miss a target so you can quickly take action.