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Meet Rhian!

Rhian Hedhili has recently joined the JD & Co team at our offices in Wrexham. An ACA qualified accountant, Rhian has a background working in accountancy practice but more recently was working in-house as Finance Manager for an SME in the food production sector. She recently decided that after gaining in-house experience it was time to look for a new role back in accountancy practice.


In her new role at JD & Co, Rhian will oversee and manage our Xero cloud accounting software and processes. With government plans to make tax digital, it is only a matter of time before individuals and businesses have to take a digital approach to managing their tax affairs. We have been embracing this approach for some time and many of our clients are already using our cloud based accounting system. For those that aren’t already using it or anyone that needs help, we want to ensure we make the process straightforward.

Rhian will work with clients to help and support them with the process of moving to Xero accounting. We have plans to create a centre at our Wrexham office where our clients can come in and have access to help and support. We know that many small business owners are happy with the way they are currently managing their accounts, but with the right support we want them to see the benefits of moving to cloud accounting.

Rhian said, “After working in-house I decided it was the right thing for me and my career to look for a role back in an accountancy practice. JD & Co appealed to me as I really like the environment and atmosphere here, they are a forward-thinking company and are at the forefront of Xero accounting.   The role is also a great fit for me as I am really interested in supporting businesses and helping them prepare.”

She added, “With the system we use everything is in real-time. This means we can really help businesses to use their accounting and financial information to inform business planning and strategic decision making. I’ll be on hand to help them with this demonstrate how it can help with the day to day running of their business.”

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