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Traditional Accounting

 At John Davies & Co in Wrexham North Wales we use technology to provide a better service to our clients. We work efficiently to prepare year end compliance work in a timely manner, and we (and our clients) prefer to ‘catch up’ on a regular basis throughout the year.

Minimise Tax

At John Davies & Co in Wrexham North Wales We monitor your tax position on a regular basis, and provide timely reminders of when tax is due for payment. We can also provide specific tax advice when the need arises. If the question or issue is of a highly technical nature, we have expertise that we can call upon to assist at any time.


At John Davies & Co in Wrexham North Wales we work on the preparation of annual financial statements in a timely manner to meet the demands of today’s challenging requirements. We assist clients in all aspects of this process, from the preparation of year end financials to on-going management accounts. This can be done using traditional methods or by employing our online accounting service. This includes: Preparing your annual financial statements and tax returns Taking care of all dealings with the IRD All tax payment reminders Monitoring current trading using real time info, to determine likely tax liabilities – no surprises! Efficiently complete so we can focus more on the Now and Future!

The requirement to carry out of an Audit is typically an imposed requirement based on your Company Size / Industry / Lenders or funding partners. We provide the necessary quality assurance to your shareholders, lenders, creditors and funding partners, whilst at the same time provide a useful service to the operation of your business. Our auditors have insight into best practice across a range of industries and can highlight particular strengths or weaknesses in your operations and provide you with a series of recommendations to assist in improving your business processes. You will be involved at all stages of the Audit and we will make insightful recommendations following your audit You’ll leave your audit review meeting with meaningful information and an action plan to improve your business systems, your decision making and most importantly, your results.


Our team at John Davies & Co, Wrexham North Wales, can assist you with setting up your Payroll with systems that integrate straight into the Xero accounting engine. We are familiar with the online payroll systems and can advise on a system to fit with your business.