Do you wish...

You could visually display and monitor your business performance and goals?

Do you wish...

You had access to your very own Finance Director to help grow your business?

Do you wish...

You had access to proactive, expert tax advice based on your real-time data?


Our advice is practical and hands-on, based on real experience and hard data: we work in the real world, just like you.

We'll help you see beyond the numbers. It's all about using the figures to help you take the right decision and actions to ensure your business and personal goals are achieved. We are focused on working together as a team to add value to your business through the use of the latest tools and technology. 

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We are proud to be Chartered Accountants



Cloud Accounting

We act as your Virtual FD

We look at the bigger picture

Bespoke system set up


Company accounts preparation

We take care of it all

Business Coaching


We're at the leading edge of accountancy.

We're certified advisors for the best & most advance tools around so you always have piece of mind that we're ahead of the game. Plus, as a digitally focused firm, you'll benefit from automated reporting and real-time information so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

The proof is in the pudding. Start your free trial today.

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Specialist Xero advisors
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The service is First Class
"I have been a client of John Davies & Co for over 50 years, the service I get is first class!"
F G Jones
Fingers always on the pulse
"Their finger is always on the pulse and are one step ahead of the game in an ever changing climate.”
Les Morris
A breath of fresh air
"It's great to find an accountant who keeps me up to date on a real time basis as regards my profit and taxation position.”
M. Brett
Benefiting From The Expertise
“We have been benefiting from Xero expertise since we were set up 3 years ago. It is so useful that there is a dedicated business online development centre that I, or my staff, can drop in to learn more.”
Nathan Monshin

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Traditional Accounting

JD & Co, formerly known as John Davies and Co Chartered Accountants. 
Founded in 1900, in Wrexham North Wales, we don't just have history on our side, we are a forward thinking, proactive Chartered Accountancy firm who thrives in helping small businesses (SMEs) to grow their firms and flourish in their industry. Our approach to accountancy is different to others, as we don't just focus on the traditional accounting services that you'd expect support from. We look at the bigger picture and translate those boring excel numbers and spreadsheets into meaningful and actionable data and insight that can help you shape your firm and build your business as you intended it to be.
Yes, we still complete everything from compliance, taxation and audit to payroll, however we go that one step further and offer you so much more by combining this with the latest tools and technology. From Xero's beautiful cloud accounting software that has revolutionised the Accounting industry to smart reporting tools and marketing support plans we really do act as your financial directors that will help unlock that potential that you're after. 

These new tools and technologies  don't only enable us to give you much more insight, they'll make you more efficient, timely and intuative as you'll have access to real-time accounting data to share with your colleagues so you can make those all important decisions, well informed.